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XEROX DocuPrint Machines
XEROX DocuPrint 180
Digital Black & White Press

 Xerox DocuPrint 180 digital printer

General Information

The Xerox DocuPrint 180 is also known as the DP180 (DP 180) and the 180. DP180 runs a broader spectrum of jobs from a long que of short runs to a short que of long runs. The DP180 gives you greater capacity and flexibility to address high volume demands. You can achieve lightning fast print speeds in a variety of IPS data streams with the DP180. The DP180 can process IPDS printer series data, Laser Printer Series (LPS) data and metacode. The DocuPrint 180 has exceptional paper-handling capabilities, with up to 6 programmable input trays. Simplex or Duplex printing can be performed on a wide range of paper weights and sizes. Other accessories include: High capacity paper feeders, output stackers and output stitching.

Xerox DocuPrint 180 LMX

The DocuPrint 180 LMX Large Format MICR Printer allows you to spike your productivity levels by nearly a third over the fastest cut-sheet MICR printing previously available, with the Xerox DocuPrint 180 MX Enterprise Printing System (EPS). At speeds of up to 180 pages per minute, the Xerox DocuPrint 180 MX Enterprise Printing System (EPS) propels Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) production printing to unprecedented levels. The DocuPrint 180MX EPS delivers productivity gains of approximately 30 percent over the fastest cut-sheet MICR printing previously available. A state-of-the-art marking engine and revolutionary MICR toner technology give you the ability to print the highest quality checks and disbursements. The used Xerox DocuPrint 180 LMX price point makes this an attractive alternative.

Key Specifications
  • Print Resolution: 600 x 600dpi
  • Printing Speed: 155 ppm
  • Max Page Size: 14.3" x 17"
XEROX DocuPrint 180 Lease

Are you looking for someone who can give you a Xerox DocuPrint 180 lease? Well, you’ve come to the right place! JJ Bender has numerous years of experience in leasing. We know the factors that are considered for a Xerox DocuPrint 180 lease. Your company or firm may have reached a stage where a Xerox DocuPrint 180 lease is the only option. A Xerox DocuPrint 180 lease requires a commitment of numerous resources, and so you should critically study all options at hand. JJ Bender will apprize you of what can be expected with the first installation of the printer, lease terms, and expected leasing costs.