May 2015 Announcements

May 2015 Announcements

JJ Bender, LLC, the leader in buying and selling used digital presses and high volume printing predicts that May will be HOT, HOT, HOT!

Why is May going to be hot? JJ Bender loves “atomic” fireball candies, and we love to share them with our customers as well.

As a company, we need you to remember JJ Bender when you are buying or selling any digital equipment. To do so, we often send out Fireball candies if we have the opportunity to work with you. You may not eat the candy but having them sit on your desk with our logo on it, is a good way for you to remember us in our mind.

The “legend” of sending Fireballs started with Jeffrey Bender, president of JJ Bender, “We want you to remember us! We want to catch your attention!” Bender says.

Still want to put equipment in our auction? The date has moved to June 3, 2015! So you still have time to send your information back to us. You need to send us the Agreement, as well as a ‘Schedule A’ and 3 to 4 pictures per piece of equipment. We do the rest! While you do still have time, it is better to get your Agreement and pictures back early! There is no cost to enter and you set your own reserve.

As always, we are looking to buy your used digital printing equipment, as well as sell you some equipment. We can provide financing, as well as leasing.

About JJ Bender

JJ Bender, LLC has 35 years of experience as a market leader in the automated office equipment industry, specializing in high volume digital printing equipment. JJ Bender also offers services such as customized workflow solutions, independent leasing, and short-term and long-term rentals. Whether a Fortune 500 company, municipality, or a start-up venture, clients draw on JJ Bender’s expertise in printing equipment to help them meet their individualized needs.

For more information regarding “One Vendor. Multiple Solutions,” visit JJ Bender online at or call 203-336-4034. For the most up-to-date news on JJ Bender’s programs and services, visit

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