December 2015 – Look what happened this year!

December 2015 – Look what happened this year!

December 1, 2015

Fairfield, CT – There has been a lot going on at JJ Bender this past year! There have been promotions and new divisions created.

JJ Bender announced Susan Ritzer, to head its newest division, Purchasing Finishing & Printing Equipment. BJ Baranosky, General Manager announced, Susan Ritzer has joined JJ Bender to head the Used Finishing/Printing Equipment Department. Baranosky explained that JJ Bender has always been known for purchasing used copiers but this Printing Equipment Division is a major expansion coast to coast program.

Jeffrey Bender, Founder of JJ Bender said, “Susan and her team have allowed us to offer to all users of printing and finishing equipment an outlet to sell any surplus equipment. This is an exciting addition to our services.”

Ritzer added, “We will buy one machine or a whole factory. Merger or businesses closing will be a specialty of our team.”

JJ Bender also announced that Gianna Colgero has been promoted to National Leasing Coordinator.

Beth McNemar, International Sales Manager said, “Gianna has been responsible for all the international communication in regards to customer orders and Gianna will now take on the responsibility of communicating and informing our clientele that JJ Bender can now provide leasing for almost any product.”

Bender, added, “Gianna and her team will be helping our customers nationwide with any funding/leasing they need to help them acquire equipment.”

There has been another promotion within JJ Bender. Christal Harding has been promoted to Purchasing Director for the Wholesale Division. Christal will be the Senior Buyer of Small Copier Systems.

“Christal has worn many hats in her 17 years at JJ Bender – the markets for used copiers have been changing dramatically worldwide over the last six months. Christal has developed a team and outlets to help dealers and end users with any used copiers they want to sell,” said Jeffrey Bender.

BJ Baranosky, General Manager at JJ Bender, added, “Buying smaller copiers is something JJ Bender has done, but now, with Christal’s help, we will buy many more machines nationwide. We have been told by dealers that need help to sell their used machines and our 35 years of experience will help make this happen.”

Last, but certainly not least, Ainsley Ramalho has been appointed to Director of Purchasing for Wide & Grand Format Machines.

“Ainsley has been in charge of logistics for the last 10 years- her experience in moving larger equipment anywhere in the United States makes her uniquely qualified to head purchasing for wide and grand format equipment,” said McNemar.

Bender, said, “Now customers who have looked for us to help with small format have an opportunity to sell their wide format & grand format to a trusted partner.”

JJ Bender the largest buyer of used production copiers is celebrating its 35 year in business.

About JJ Bender

JJ Bender, LLC has 35 years of experience as a market leader in the automated office equipment industry, specializing in high volume digital printing equipment. JJ Bender also offers services such as customized workflow solutions, independent leasing, and short-term and long-term rentals. Whether a Fortune 500 company, municipality, or a start-up venture, clients draw on JJ Bender’s expertise in printing equipment to help them meet their individualized needs.


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