Hard Drive Security & Data Erasure Program

Similar to a computer, a printer or copier can save a digital version of documents onto their internal hard drives. This poses a security risk to a company’s sensitive data, and can often lead to copier-related crimes such as identity theft.

Recent news reports, such as those seen on CBS Evening News, have highlighted the dangers of copier and printer hard drives, particularly the growing number of cases where machines are resold or returned on lease, only to have the hard drives removed, and critical data stolen.

For companies looking to protect confidential information, JJ Bender’s Hard Drive Security Program ensures that your hard drives can be properly erased by one of three ways, all of which are compliant with the most recent data erasure policies.

Options for Hard Drive Erasure

All of the above services can be performed on site or at JJ Bender’s secure facility.

To further JJ Bender’s guarantee, a data erasure certificate will be given to you upon completion. This not only ensures the safety of your machine’s hard drive, but it also increases the remarketing value of the machine.

With the increasing dangers of copier and printer hard drives, there will be an increase in regulatory agencies enforcing stricter stndards on the destruction of hard drives. JJ Bender will make certain that your printer is compliant with these standards when the time comes.