Océ TDS320

Océ TDS320

A productive system for an effortless workflow, the Océ TDS320 is simply designed to ensure that employees spend less time printing and copying drawings and more time on their core responsibilities.


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With automatic set collation and orderly output stacking, employees get the documents they require without the need for manual sorting. Drawings are scanned to TIFF, PDF, or CALS and placed directly on the network, FTP or controller, thus distributing scanned images, where required, in one step. To further streamline employee workflow, the scanner is separate from the printer allowing multiple users to access and use the system at the same time.

Speed: 3 D-Size (36′′ x 24′′) Per Minute

Maximum Size: 36′′ x 588′′

First Copy Time: 24 Seconds

Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi