• CANON imageRUNNER Pro 7150VP

    The Canon imageRUNNER Pro 7150VP, a highly versatile and flexible printing device, is ideal if you want to produce a broad range of high-value, high-volume applications. With the ability to print pages at up to 150 per minute in black and white, the Canon imageRUNNER Pro 7150VP digital press offers you valuable time saving opportunities and the best choice for meeting your book publishing needs as well.


  • CANON imageRUNNER Pro 7138VP

    The Canon imageRUNNER Pro 7138VP is a robust, new machine capable of producing cost-effective results for high volume printing applications. It is a perfect solution, suitable for use in medium-to-large, in-house, commercial, transaction printer, and data center environments to meet document management needs in a short time.


  • CANON imageRUNNER Pro 7125VP

    The Canon imageRUNNER Pro 7125VP is a print device built to handle the high-volume printing applications of small and large companies, corporate companies, data centers, mail houses, and government facilities. With print speeds of up to 125 pages-per-minute in black and white, it is a flexible and cost effective solution for those looking for a versatile machine.


  • CANON imageRUNNER Pro 7110VP

    The Canon imageRUNNER Pro 7110VP is a printing device ideal for use in almost any office and home setting. Built with proven technology, the Canon imageRUNNER Pro 7110VP delivers increased productivity and performance to meet and exceed the demands of today’s print/data centers.


  • CANON imageRUNNER 7105

    Designed to support enterprise-class environments demanding the utmost in productivity and durability, the Canon imageRUNNER 7105 device provides versatility in both functionality and hardware configuration.


  • CANON imagePress 1110+ / 1125+ / 1135+

    The Canon imagePRESS 1110+/1125+/1135+, is the work-horse of the future. It is the first imagePress put out by Canon in years and the improvements made were all geared towards business efficiency and success with meticulous projects requiring less operator inverventions.


  • Canon imagePRESS C6011, 6011VP, 7011VP

    Simply put, the Canon Color imagePRESS Series – C6011, 6011VP, 7011VP – have helped build businesses to better serve their customers. Canon has redefined itself, once again, as the leader in high-end color with a level of quality that rivals offset printing.


  • Canon imagePRESS C6010, 6010VP, 7010VP

    The imagePRESS C6010 produces output that rivals offset quality, maintains superior color consistency, and empowers you to fulfill a wide range of jobs, including saddle-stitched booklets, hard-copy reproductions, direct mail pieces, and marketing collateral.


  • XEROX iGen 4

    The Xerox iGen4 is the latest high speed digital color printing press solution. The iGen4 offers many advanced features that provide more flexibility and productivity. You can easily print books, brochures, manuals, newsletters, catalogs, postcards, flyers, posters and more with the advanced technology of the Xerox iGen4. You can produce vibrant and crisp graphic art quality prints with a Xerox iGen4. It also offers fine reproduction of graphic curves, fine lines, shadows and fonts. The iGen4 can process colors including Magenta, Yellow, Cyan and Black.


  • XEROX DocuTech 128 HLC

    The Xerox DocuTech 128 is a color digital printer which combines laser and LED imaging. The DT 128 is upgradable on-site, and is capable of printing up to 180 pages per minute.


  • XEROX DocuPrint 115

    The Xerox DocuPrint 115 is also known as the DP115, and is capable of doing half tones, tints and a variety of color shades. The DP115’s standard features include high-volume production simplex and duplex printing, multiple input and output trays with flexible paper handling, and an efficient DocuSP front end that handles any type of print stream.


  • XEROX DocuColor C75 Press

    In an age when business is more challenging every day, versatility is an outstanding tool to have. The Xerox Color C75 Press is big production power in a small footprint, with the flexibility to produce the most demanding print jobs while being simple enough for anyone to walk up and use.