About Us

JJ Bender has over 39 years experience as a market leader in the office automation equipment industry, and specializes in digital press and high volume printing equipment.

With no obligations to outside manufacturers, JJ Bender offers the printing community a unique shopping experience where one has the freedom to explore multiple brands, and ultimately choose the equipment that works best for their business.

JJ Bender also offers services such as customized workflow solutions, independent leasing, and short-term and long-term rentals. Whether you are a large operation, small store, or a start-up venture, JJ Bender draws on their expertise in printing equipment to help clients meet their individualized needs.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in building long-standing relationships with our customers. We want someone we can trust and who trusts us to get the job done. Every copier part or machine that leaves our warehouse has our full guarantee behind it and our name on it.

At the end of the day, we leave work satisfied, knowing that we have been responsible for making a difference in the lives of our customers. We take care of customers. We can’t help it. We’ve been rooted in the tradition of copier service for 39 years. It’s why each of the refurbished copiers and every part that we produce is carefully tested and then packaged to ensure the highest quality.

We feel that you shouldn’t be able to tell a used copier from a new copier. They should look, and more importantly, function in exactly the same manner. One of the traits we value most is consistency. Every copier machine or part should work in precisely the same fashion.