Trade In & Upgrade

Whether you are an international copier dealer or a family-owned print shop, JJ Bender can structure a trade-in or upgrade program to fit your needs.

Flexibility is the greatest asset for any company in today’s dynamic graphics industry. JJ Bender provides clients with that flexibility by purchasing their high volume equipment and surplus supplies. Our partners regularly rely on JJ Bender to provide equipment values and to help close deals. We will de-install the system and remove it according to your delivery schedule. JJ Bender can even buy out a current lease and provide financing for new equipment.

Benefits of Trade-Ins

A trade-in is the process of selling or turning in a used or older piece of equipment as part of the payment for an upgraded piece of equipment. The main purpose behind trading in or exchanging the used or existing product is to get a reduced price for the newer technology. The trade-in decision depends on several factors such as how old the item is, predicted item obsolescence, how hard it is to get parts for the item, and the item’s repair history.


There are several advantages to trading in your old printer/copier for a new one:

  • Getting rid of an old copier/printer can cut the expenses for acquiring a new copier/printer, in which you can replace technology for a reduced cost.
  • A lower total ownership cost.
  • Upfront savings.
  • Protection of investment.
  • Reduction of internal costs as the trade-in makes possible efficient management of assets.