Leasing Program

JJ Bender can generate custom leases that are tailored to your needs. Don’t get locked into a long-term lease that is killing your bottom line, allow us to create a structure to fit your cash flow needs. If you’re already locked into a lease, let us help buy you out and refinance a new deal.

JJ Bender LLC was organized in 1980 to be a dynamic and flexible company. President Jeffrey Bender wanted to provide customers with alternatives that would improve their business. That same philosophy guides our Business Solutions Team today, as they design a customized program for your service and financial needs. JJ Bender specializes in the situations you can’t solve. Whether you need help in buying out a lease or moving unwanted equipment, JJ Bender has the solution.

JJ Bender Equipment Lease

If you’re looking for an equipment lease, then you should be talking to JJ Bender. We help customers properly assess the residual value of the gear in an equipment lease and understand their cash flow relative to expected demand.

Whether you are leasing equipment from JJ Bender or the manufacturer, you should look at the cost of leasing a machine as separate from the cost of the actual machine. The key to properly evaluating an equipment lease is understanding the interest rate and the end-of-lease options.

Startup Lease

At JJ Bender, we know that a lot of new businesses are looking at startup business leases. The difficulty encountered by every new venture is huge upfront costs and a lack of immediate revenue. It’s difficult to generate revenue in advance of actually having equipment up and running. Bundling together furniture and equipment in a single startup lease can alleviate the financial pressure and accounting headaches.

Many of our most successful partners have been startups. We’re in the business of repeat business. That’s why we’re proud to offer startup leasing.

Partners in the Lease Process

JJ Bender walks customers through the entire lease process from signing to equipment installation. Moreover, because of our experience in the graphics industry and knowledge of digital duplicators, we’re always available to help our partners deal with unexpected demand or a sudden need for a short-term solution.

JJ Bender can also provide advice and assistance on lease buyouts and early lease termination. You don’t have to be stuck in an equipment lease that’s killing your bottom line. Remember, leasing equipment should be a way of improving cash flow, not a drag on your profits.

We know the equipment. We know your business. We know equipment leasing.

JJ Bender’s Startup Lease Program

We deal with startup leases every day and have designed a flexible program that matches the right leasing terms to your needs. Under our startup leasing terms, the value of equipment and property can often be used as collateral to expedite the approval process. Deals can be done in a matter of hours. We know what it’s like to launch a new business and that’s why we look for entrepreneurs in the graphics industry to help them manage tight resources with a startup equipment lease.

We know what it takes to launch a startup in the graphics industry. We know what copier equipment entrepreneurs need to succeed. We know startup leases.