Xerox iGen Training

The Xerox iGen3 and iGen4 are both serious commitments of time and financial resources. Through the JJ Bender Xerox iGen Training Program, we work with customers to help them plan an installation, whether it’s in three days or three years.

With a step-by-step approach, we can help customers scale their business and grow revenue until they have the volume that requires a Xerox DocuColor iGen in their shop.

JJ Bender arranges short-term rentals of the Xerox DocuTech 6100 series or Xerox DocuColor 6060 for example, to help clients assess costs without committing a critical amount of resources. Whether the most cost efficient answer is to lease a Xerox iGen3 or Xerox iGen4, or to just rent a Xerox 2060, JJ Bender does a cost analysis and matches the equipment to your production needs.

With variable data training and an understanding of the peripherals and finishing options available, you’ll install a Xerox iGen with the features only when your business is ready. But in the interim, you’ll be able to grow revenue and establish your customer base in anticipation of the day that your Xerox iGen3 or iGen4 arrives.