Parts & Supplies

JJ Bender’s Parts Department offers quality parts and supplies from a number of manufacturers, including new OEM copier parts, third party copier parts, used Xerox copier parts, and refurbished copier parts.

Our Approach to Copier Parts & Supplies

We believe in offering our customers the independence to purchase copier parts and consumables in the amount they need at prices they can afford. Although we specialize in Xerox DocuColor supplies, Xerox DocuTech supplies, and Xerox DocuPrint supplies, we also have copier toner and drums for a number of other high-volume, digital duplicators.

To order parts and supplies, please call our fulfillment center at 636-278-1600 or email Steve at

Why Self Maintenance?

Copier self maintenance plans offer a great opportunity for small printers and large graphics corporations. Whether you’re looking for a greater sense of independence or cost savings, self maintenance might be the right option. Our Parts Department has unique options for corporations running everything from high volume digital duplicators to low-volume analog equipment.

Greater Independence

With copier self maintenance, we provide you with the copier parts and supplies that you need to service your equipment. Now you don’t have to be locked into expensive and inflexible leasing or servicing contracts. You decide when you need copier parts and supplies for your business.

Greater Savings

Rather than get locked into an expensive service contract, your costs will actually reflect your needs.

Greater Productivity

You should have less down time on your equipment. Quit waiting around for a manufacturer’s service technician to arrive. Instead, an independent service provider or one of your staff trained to service the machine can have your copier up and running when it matters most to your bottom line. Discover the peace of mind that comes with self maintenance.

Greater Cost-Control

Self maintenance plans allow you to have service costs that reflect the copier volume and features you use. You control your costs by having them mirror your demand for copier services. To learn more, visit our Self-Service Consulting page, or call JJ Bender at 203-336-4034.